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Кападокия ATV обиколка и цени 2022

Cappadocia ATV

Cappadocia ATV tour and prices 2022

Cappadocia ATV tour and prices There are many activities you can do when you come to Cappadocia. One of them should be the ATV Tour. With this activity, which you can do every hour of the day, you can also tour the region. Cappadocia ATV tour and prices vary depending on your options. 1 hour is 350 TL, 2 hours is550 TL. For our Cappadocia ATV rental service, 2 different routes are open to you throughout the day. If you want an ATV sunset tour in Cappadocia, that’s 500 TL per person. Cappadocia ATV Booking Number: +90 538 428 74 11WhatsApp number: +90 551 662 20 00 Before touring Cappadocia with ATV, you do a warm-up and a few test laps when necessary. This way you will warm up for the tours you will do and you will learn the control. The most important thing to know is that you’re not just driving a 4-wheeled off-road vehicle. At the same time, you enjoy this magnificent scenery and landscapes. Cappadocian ATV routes have different characteristics in both the Goreme region and the Ortahisar region. For the ATV tour, we offer free transfers within 2 regions. If you want to come with your own car, you can use the parking lot of our agency.

When is the ATV tour in Cappadocia?

Whenever you come to the Cappadocia area, you can take an ATV safari tour. You can join the ATV tour in 4 seasons: summer, winter, spring and autumn. This means that when you come to the region, you can take relaxed and exciting trips, regardless of weather conditions. Especially in winter, going through fairytale chimneys in white visuals will push you to different emotions. Geographically, you will be pleased with the beauties of the region and enjoy it. Especially our ATV tour route was not created by us. The most beautiful aspect is that while taking this tour, you will continue along a route consisting of natural formations. The Old Town and residential area, the naturally formed caves, the sloping hills are the valleys with wonderful photo frames designed for you to take this tour. During the tour of Cappadocia with ATV, our guides help you with photography. Cappadocia is the address of those who are tired of city life and are looking for peace and tranquility for a few days. Tourist activity with ATV, which will relieve your work stress and fatigue, is among the indispensable in Cappadocia. You can take a tour for 2 people with one ATV with your partner and friend. Or you can tour the region side by side for individual ATVs. You can thrill your holiday in Cappadocia with a four-wheeled ATV. At the same time, you can find friends from different cultures by making group trips. You will be accustomed to dust and smoke on those laps where you will not drive high speed.

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