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cappadocia camel safari 2022

Our cappadocia camel safari activities are usually carried out in the most beautiful valleys of Cappadocia such as Red Valley, Swords Valley, Love Valley.

You don’t need any experience of camel riding to participate in camel safari activity. Camels of our farm are very docile. You can even overlay your kids safely.

Children 0-6 years old receive 50% discount.

Two people can ride on a camel, with a maximum weight of 90 kg per person. As long as the weather conditions are suitable, you can join camel tours any time of the year.

Important safety details are explained by your tour guider before the tour. Camels will be under the control of your tour guide throughout the tour.

cappadocia camel safari price
cappadocia camel safari price

Cappadocia Camel Safari

In our camel safari activity, camels that have an interesting state, from humps to eyelashes and accompany you in the unique valleys of Cappadocia. Although their homeland is far away, they give an impression as if they were specific to Cappadocia.

Until now, they were serving tourism with small tours in the historical places of Cappadocia, but now they have a very big farm in Cappadocia. These friends, who invite you to their new home, are willing to enjoy you in the most beautiful Cappadocia valleys with a Cappadocia camel tour at sunrise and sunset time.

Included in the Safari Activity

  • Transfer to and from you Hotel
  • Insurance valid during the tour period
  • Professional Camel Tour guide

We have also other cappadocia tours. If you want to buy our other tours you can click our Cappodica tours homepage

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