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Cappadocia classic car tour 2022

Cappadocia classic car tour activity is one of the most remarkable and most interesting activities in Cappadocia region. The Cappadocia Region is one of the most visited places by local and foreign tourists every year. It is due to its unique geography and beauties that are very unique in the world.

You can choose among many beautiful valleys in the region according to your wish and you can spend pleasant time there. Our most preferred routes for Cappadocia classic car tour activity are; Rose Valley, Love Valley, Kılıçlar, Güvercinlik, Zelve Valley, Kızılçukur and Uçhisar. But we can also organize classic car tours in other valleys and regions of Cappadocia.

cappadocia classic car tour
cappadocia classic car tour

Which services are provided in Cappadocia Classic Car Tour?

Classic Car Tour can be held at different times during the day. If you wish, you can also participate in classic vehicle tours together with balloons taking off at sunrise time and immortalize these magnificent moments by taking photos and videos. You can see the magnificent beauties of the Cappadocia Region and spend pleasant hours by renting a classic car in the morning, especially at sunset time or in the afternoon. Our most preferred time during the day is sunrise time when balloons are flying in air. We take our guests who attend the Cappadocia classic car tour activity during the sunrise hours to the Rose Valley region so that they can see the balloons and Fairy Chimneys closely and shoot in the same square.

For Cappadocia Classic Car Tour, our private driver can pickup you from the hotel where you stay with our classic vehicles or you can come to our agency and start the classic vehicle tour with our private driver who will be waiting for you. You can bring different clothes with you for photos and video shoots, and you can capture colorful frames by taking pictures with your different clothes. In addition, our professional photographers can take professional photos and videos for you at affordable prices.

In addition to professional photographs and video shoots, we can also create a different and unforgettable moment for your photos and videos by preparing presentations such as cedar and fruit platter in front of the scenes created by Fairy Chimneys and balloons in order to create an authentic atmosphere for our guests in Cappadocia classic car tour activity.

Our Cappadocia Classic Vehicle Models

The largest and most beautiful vehicle fleet belongs to our company among the companies that organize the classic car tour. There are 6 different beautiful classic vehicles in our fleet and we also have a classic motorcycle.

What is the duration for Cappadocia Classic Vehicle Tour?

Our classic cars tour take 2 hours. For longer or shorter rentals, you can get price information by contacting us. The classic car rental price for 2 hours is 120 Euros. Our guide will accompany you during the tour with our classic vehicles. Since the classic cars tour attracts a great deal of interest in our region, it is very important to book in advance.

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