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 cappadocia mud bath 2022


If you are constantly traveling and wants to take rest then cappadocia mud bath activity is perfectly for you. Mud bath is located in the town of Ortahisar. It is Turkey’s first mud cave. There are three service categories here. 

cappadocia mud bath price
cappadocia mud bath price

These are; 

  • Mud bath pool
  • Natural hot water pool
  • Doctor fishes
  • There is also available a store of natural products for skin care.

With Cappadocia mud bath, you will enjoy the unique pleasure of cleansing with natural mud therapy and refreshing with the healing of doctor fish in one of the fantastic and unique caves of Cappadocia.

During the mud bath in Cappadocia, it provides many benefits in the field of health and skin care with its rich organic and inorganic minerals in the peloid contained in the healing mud. Mud bath protects the skin against physical and chemical harmful factors, on the other hand, it cleans the skin by absorbing the skin secretions such as oil and sweat. It corrects the PH and lubrication of the skin especially in long-term treatments. In this way, they provide the bacterial origin of the skin, such as acne, abscesses, and other pests to cause the ground to disappear.

Mud bath can also be used in spine and limb limbs such as waist and neck, chronic low back pain in the limes, chronic and postoperative periods, rheumatic diseases, ankylosing spondylitis, painful rheumatic conditions of the structures of the shoulder joint. 

About Cappadocia Mud Bath

Protect your skin with mud therapy and doctor fish in the cozy cave.

Carry all your necessary in your swimsuit. But if you foget, don’t worry, you can also buy it from our mud cave.

You can get all these services between 9:00 am and 18:00 pm.

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