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 Cappadocia paragliding 2022

It is now possible to do paragliding in Cappadocia. Cappadocia paragliding is Turkey’s first paragliding in which parachute is rising up from the ground. You can fly at an average height of 750 meters above the ground, waving in the perfect view. Cappadocia paragliding also starts to serve in Cappadocia.

Would you like to watch Cappadocia view with tandem flights?

Cappadocia paragliding which is a new activity, is waiting for you in the middle of Cappadocia to experience adrenaline and exciting moments.

cappadocia paragliding price
cappadocia paragliding price

Our Paragliding Flights;

  • It reaches between 550 and 850 meters.
  • The flight time is between 10-20 minutes.
  • Tandem flights are done with professional pilots.
  • There are no flight peaks and mountains, the flights take place with a reel system.
  • Paragliding flights are made with ground take-off system and reaches the height of the hill within 3 minutes.
  • Paragliding flights are made every hour from sunrise to sunset.
  • There is a transfer and shuttle service which is including in the paragliding.

You can immortalize the unique paragliding experience with photos and videos while flying against fairy chimneys.

Where are Cappadocia Paragliding Flights Made?

Our flights are made in the Çavuşin region which is exactly in the center of Cappadocia. No hill or mountain can be reached. It is completely take off from the ground with a special pulley system. We take you with our transfer vehicles from your hotel. After your flight, we drop back you to your hotel.

We prepare you for the flight with a short briefing by our pilots and ground crew before the flight. After about 2 minutes of information, you take off by taking 5-6 steps. After about 3-4 minutes you go up to 750 meters height. Then, you take off your private reel system from the vehicle and start flying independently as if you started flying from a hill of 750 meters. We have also Cappadocia Balloon Flights, you can click if you want

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