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Cappadocia Weekly Horse Tour 2022

Cappadocia Weekly Horse Tour

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Cappadocia weekly horse tour is organized by many tour companies. You will learn how to ride horse and enjoy Cappadocia’s unique view on horseback in these tours, which are usually carried out in horse farms and horse riding centers in the region.

Cappadocia is one of the unique geographies whose Persian Name is “Country of Beautiful Horses” and gives the right to this name. Traveling around this geography by horse is a great experience and joy. Exploring the beautiful valleys, slopes and hills on the horse, riding around the fairy chimneys in the region makes it feel like a hero of a fairy tale. Horse riding is fun. Riding a horse in a unique geography like Cappadocia is an extraordinary pleasure. If you want to experience this pleasure, we recommend you to attend Cappadocia weekly horse tour programs. Cappadocia weekly horse tour will be an ideal program for you if you have not ride the horse and want to experience the horse riding.

Weekly horse tour is organized by many tour companies. You will learn how to ride horse and enjoy Cappadocia’s unique view on horseback in these tours, which are usually carried out in horse farms and horse riding centers in the region.

Cappadocia weekly horse tour starts with transfer from your hotel to our horse farm. First, a suitable horse is selected after a brief briefing and the tour begins with the guides. If you are riding for the first time, you do not have to be worry because the guides provide the necessary training and lead the tour.

Cappadocia Weekly Horse Tour Routes

Day 1: Çavuşin Village, Çavuşin Castle, Güllüdere Valley, Kızılçukur Valley, Ortahisar District, Üzengi Valley, Sinesos, Damsa dam, Cemilköy, Keşlik Monastery

Day 2: Taşkınpaşa, Hoduldağı, Ağacaören and Karain

Day 3: Painted Village, Topuzdağı, Aksalur, Sofular Village and Sarıhıdır Village

Day 4: Bayramhacı Lake, Bayramhacı Hot Springs

Day 5: Göynük Village, Özkonak Town, Özkonak underground city and Avanos

Day 6: Sarıhan, Devrent Valley and Paşabağları

During the 6-day program, the most groomed and good horses of Anatolian and Arabian horses are used. While watching the beauties of the Cappadocia Region, you can experience the joy and excitement of horseback riding, continue with the guidance of tour guides, take breaks and visit historical places. Cappadocia weekly horse tour can be done in four seasons. However, we recommend the spring and autumn months. Weather conditions will be more moderate and you will enjoy it even more during these seasons.

By signing the kassk (tog) and equestrian agreement before the Cappadocia weekly horse tour program, you have equestrian insurance.

Besides the weekly horse tour in Cappadocia, tour companies also have hourly and daily horse tours. However, it is possible to get around the narrow paths like the foothills of the fairy chimneys and the villages with lush vineyards in the valleys where vehicles cannot enter.

Tour horses are specially trained horses for horse tours. They complete the tour in a harmonious way without any difficulty for the riders. The routes are determined by specially trained tour guides and these guides are called Local Cowboy in the region. They make a smooth tour by intervening in possible problems immediately.

The horse farms that make horse tours also serve the famous Cappadocia Breakfast. By joining these breakfasts, you can both fill your stomach with local flavors and then do horse riding exercises. The location of the farms is an amazing example of nature. You can have a great day at the horse farm.

If you have visited Cappadocia before and have no problem with horse riding, you can rent a horse at the horse farms in the region and take an independent weekly horse tourYou can determine your camping locations for Cappadocia weekly horse tour that you will organize with your friends for a week, and you can experience a magnificent adventure on a horse entirely surrounded by nature. In the region, many local cowboys guides serve independent groups. By renting a horse, you can make a more secure weekly horse tour in Cappadocia by agreeing with a guide. Of course, you should bring your own camping equipment with you for such programs.

Camping Equipment Required for Weekly Horse Tour 

Tents, inflatable beds, sleeping bags are indispensable for camping equipment. The lightweight backpack is important so that you do not bother during the tour. Considering the weather variability of the Cappadocia Region, personal items such as spare clothes, thermal underwear for cold seasons, sunscreen for summer months, hats, sunglasses are important. Waist bag flashlight and head lamp, multi-functional pocket knife, cream against insect bites, camera and power bank, small first aid kit are materials you shouldn’t forget.

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