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What You Need to Know About Balloon Ride

The answer to the question of where is the most popular place to go on a balloon tour is of course Cappadocia. Every year, every year, thousands of tourists come to watch the fairy chimneys and the sunrise, to enjoy the wonderful scenery. It is a wonderful region where they enjoy romance, especially for those who want to propose, and the Cappadocia balloon tour is highly preferred in this sense. Although balloon tours are made in many places in the world, it is difficult to find another geography where the sunrise is watched so beautifully and incredible moments are experienced.

What is Cappadocia Balloon Tour?

Balloon tour in Cappadocia starts very early in the morning. The sunrise can be watched with very beautiful views at these hours. The first flight is called Flight 1 and starts between 4.30 am and 5.30 am. Depending on the season, wind and weather conditions, the time may be extended or shortened. In order to participate in these flights, it is necessary to be ready one hour before the morning flight. For the balloon tour, we take our guests from their hotels with transfer cars and drop them off at their hotels after the flight. For those who do not want to stay too early in the morning, there are 2nd flight flights. Those who wish can join the 2nd flight flights. In these voyages, he realizes his flight by watching the wonderful view of the Cappadocia region, not the sunrise.

After being picked up from the hotel for the balloon flight, we go to the areas where the balloons will rise. Balloons are regularly maintained and safety is extremely important to us. Balloons are kept flat on the ground before they start flying. Then, hot air is supplied with a tube to ventilate and this hot air source is used as needed throughout the journey. Balloons that start to inflate come to an upright position, but they do not rise because they are tied to the ground. After the passengers are taken to the balloon, the ties are loosened and the balloons begin to rise. This takes about 15 minutes. The balloon tour continues for 1 hour or 1.5 hours accompanied by a unique view, and at the end, a slow descent is made to the ground.

After the flights, when we get off the balloon, we open champagne in front of the balloon and hold a mini party. If you want to experience this pleasant experience, come and join us.

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About 5 to 20 km from an elevated balloon. wide area can be seen. A balloon can go up to 900 meters, but generally a maximum height of 600 meters is preferred. Since this rise is slow, the fairy chimneys can be watched with all their beauty. Experiencing romantic moments during morning flights, especially at sunrise, would be a feast for perfect views. Since it is a windy area and it will be cool even in summer, passengers should wear cardigan-like clothes. In winter, it is recommended to wear thicker clothes. Also, a comfortable sneaker will be a good choice.


Cappadocia Balloon Tour PricesTour prices vary according to the company organizing the tour, flight duration, departure point and season. Therefore, it can be misleading to write an exact number. Children under the age of 5 are not allowed in the balloon, and children under the age of 12 receive a 50% discount. We also have special discounts for couples and tours.

In which season is the Cappadocia Balloon Tour held?

Cappadocia balloon tour is done in all seasons of the year, as it is wonderful with its excellent views both in summer and winter. The number of rainy days in the region is low, but only on rainy and stormy days there are no flights. Weather conditions are closely followed by our companies and flight appointments are not given for these days. With a little more intensity in the summer season, you can enjoy a balloon tour in Cappadocia every season.The dovecotes and fairy chimneys of Cappadocia are unique beauties. In this regard, tours are organized mostly in Avanos and Göreme regions of Cappadocia.

Is Cappadocia Balloon Tour Safe?

Cappadocia is the most reliable region for balloon tours. Flight companies are regularly inspected by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. Our companies are very meticulous in this regard. Balloons are made of quality materials. The inflated part of the balloon is a kind of non-combustible quality polymer product. The hot air provider has two spares. If one of them goes out, the other turns on. Also, even if they all deflate, the balloon descends slowly to the ground like a parachute. Pregnant women or those who have recently had surgery cannot ride the balloon. In addition, people over the age of 90 and those with back problems cannot participate. Those who have a fear of heights can overcome their fears with this trip. Because the balloon rises slowly and then it gives the feeling of sitting in the living room of a house.Because the balloons are large and multi-colored, they can be seen from afar. Birds are afraid of this image and do not approach. There have been very few balloon accidents to date. Especially since Cappadocia has been a center of balloon tourism for many years, it has a lot of experience and knowledge in this regard.

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