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Salt Lake – Turkey

Salt Lake

where the first-time visitors say “Was there such a place in the country?” or describe as “Here is something else” while waiting for a huge lake with boats roaming on it, is the second largest lake in terms of surface area after the Van Lake. The Lake also is one of the saltiest lakes in the world containing over 32% of salt content.

The Salt Lake, one of the must-see places of heavenly beautiful country Turkey, meets 40% of the country’s salt needs.

The Salt Lake is like a entrance gate of the beautiful geography that you will see before arriving Cappadocia, lands of miracles. When the gate opened a cyrstal white heaven welcomes you inside. And it is up to you to leave your shoes on the threshold, sorry on the shore of the lake and accept the invitation with bare feet.

Reminders About The Salt Lake

As we mentioned earlier, walk barefoot on the lake. Minerals under your feet will make your soles soft. There are also points where you can wash your feet at the entrance of the lake. Barefoot is freedom and health…

Don’t forget to wear sunglasses as the white and shiny lake will disturb your eyes.

Be prepared for long walks, as if trekking in a white valley. You can get wet up to the level of your ankles at the point you meet with the water, and you can carry the experience of long walking on the lake to photo frames with a selfie. Rather, prepare yourselves to take pictures on every point of the lake.

The Salt Lake Legend

According to legend, everything actually started with a curse. Where there is Salt Lake, there was a fertile vineyard shaded by grapes hanging from branches in very, very old times. The owner of the vineyard was a bad old woman. One day, a great dervish, tired of walking, parched with thirst, passed from the vineyard. He asked the old woman who was sitting at the sweep in the hut in the vineyard for a bunch of grapes. Although the woman said, “I did not harvest any grapes this year, my vineyard has dried up”, the dervish did not believe in this lie. He was so angry that a curse poured out of his mouth saying ‘let it be salt and ice’. The woman and her sweep turned into ice, that fertile garden turned into salt… The stones thrown by those who go to the Hala Sultan Tekke near the lake are still out of anger towards this bad old woman.


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