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Uchisar Castle 2022

Uchisar Castle

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Uchisar Castle is the biggest and magnificent fairy chimney of the Cappadocia Region. A magnificent Cappadocia view can be seen from the summit of the castle. Uchisar is known as the center of Cappadocia. It is located 7 km away from Nevşehir. It is at the highest point of the Cappadocia Region. It is 179 meters high. It is one of the places that attract the most tourists with its history, location and architectural style. Uchisar has been chosen by UNESCO as the “extraordinary natural and cultural heritage of the world ’’. It has a very magnificent sunset view.

Uchisar Castle contains houses, shelters, tombs, cisterns and cellars formed by many rock carving methods. There are nearly 500 living spaces in it. These areas are interconnected by corridors, stairs and tunnels. It was used for defense against Arab raids during the Roman Period, and continued to be used by many states for defense and surveillance purposes.

Today, Uchisar Castle is one of the centers of tourism. The magnificent valleys of the entire Cappadocia Region are visible when you reached the summit. It has a panoramic view from the summit to the north, with Cevizli Fairy Chimneys, Nevşehir and Oylu Mountain in the west, the summit of Hasan Mountain in the southwest and the new town of Uchisar. It is the only place from where one can see both Erciyes and Hasan Mountains. There are carved graves, cisterns and many carved cubes at the summit of castle.

Uchisar Castle is reached by passing through caves and tunnels. The castle is reached by climbing more than 100 steps. But it is worth the impressive scenery and the magnificence of the castle, although the exit may seem tiring. It has a magnificent view especially at sunset and sunrise. The impressive color transformations during the sunrise and sunset fascinate its visitors with its fascinating atmosphere that emerges as the valleys turn red.

Uchisar Castle has become the name of Uchisar(means three fortresses) because it is the eastern border of the Seljuk State, the western border of the Kadi Burhanettin Principality and the eastern border of the Karamanogullari Principality too. The people who lived in and around the castle until 1960 were then drawn to the city center.

Uchisar Castle actually consists of two adjacent fairy chimneys. The big one is called the Castle of Aga, and the small one is called Castle of the Sergeant.

The History Of Uchisar Castle 

The construction of Uchisar Castle was constructed between 1 to 4 centuries before Christ. Uchisar Castle has been used as a surveillance and defense center for many civilizations, as well as the monastery where priests and monks retreated. It is said to be the first natural skyscraper in the world.

There are many rock carved boutique hotels and hostels around UChisar Castle. There are souvenir shops on the walking path to the castle. Especially the shops where local carpets and rugs are sold attract the attention of tourists. The entrance of the castle is reached by passing through the old carved Uchisar houses on the road. After receiving the entrance ticket of the castle, places such as Tandır House, Şirane and Ahır at the entrance welcome the visitors. As you climb the stairs leading up to the castle, a magnificent view begins to be exposed, and when the summit is reached, the visitors of that unique Cappadocia landscape almost fascinate. Being at the top of the castle especially at sunset, is one of the moments that should not be missed.

The entrance fee to Uchisar Castle is 4 TL for students and 8 TL for other visitors. It is open for visitors every day of the week.

Transportation to Uchisar Castle

Uchisar Castle is accessible by bus from every region of Cappadocia. There are buses that departs after every half-hour from Nevşehir to Uchisar between 07:30 in the morning and 19:00 in the evening. The distance between Nevşehir center and Uchisar Castle is 8 km. In addition, car rental or taxi options can be evaluated to reach the castle and hotels directly from the airport.

Uchisar Castle is visible from all over Cappadocia. Especially the castle is illuminated and impresses with its magnificence at night.

List what you must see before you go to Cappadocia and add Uchisar Castle to your list. You will see castle from everywhere you look when you go to Cappadocia. However, even though it is difficult and tiring, but we recommend you to go to the top of the castle. Because you will see a magnificent view that you cannot see anywhere. The entire Cappadocia Region is laid out before your eyes, and you will come across an impressive view. Do not worry if you have not had the experience of flying with balloons, you will both watch the balloons at the summit of castle and get the impression that you are inside the balloons.

Cappadocia has a different atmosphere and extraordinary views. Uchisar Castle offers the most beautiful of these views to its visitors.

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