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About Cappadocia Balloon Tour 2022

It is probably one of the first activities that comes to mind when it is called Cappadocia. A Balloon Tour of Cappadocia, which you will make in the magnificent view of Fairy chimneys and valleys, will visualize your trip. You can make safe and high-quality flights accompanied by experienced pilots. It is useful to get information about balloon prices by phone. Because the prices for the balloon tour vary depending on the season and intensity. Cappadocia Balloon tour prices are between 150 euro per person on average. Decadocia Balloon tour prices are between 150 EURO – 200 EURO per person on average. To contact WhatsApp : You can click +905384287411

Please contact us for balloon tours and 2022 balloon prices. To get information by calling +90 551 662 20 00. you can click on the number.

The prices of the balloon tour in Cappadocia include Free pick-up from the Hotel and drop-off at the Hotel after the flight. Free drinks are available after the flight. And again, certificates or medals are given after the flight for free. Since our flights take 1 hour, you can catch up to your hotel for breakfast in the morning. If you are going to participate in the regional tour, you will be able to comfortably participate in the red or green tour after making a balloon tour. Another of the questions from you is about child fees. Balloon flights are charged per person. For this reason, the fee is charged in the same way for each person who will ride in the cart. There is no discount applied. The same price is applied for children, regardless of the fee applied for the Cappadocia balloon tour. During the Covid period, there were no breakfast tours in our tours. But now, with the lifting of the pandemic, breakfast is provided. We pick you up from your hotel before the flight and we want you to go to our office for breakfast first

Balloon tours continue to be held for 2022. You will take off towards the skies of Cappadocia and enjoy watching the sunrise. Balloon tours start at sunrise in the morning. Very rarely, daytime flights are made in some periods during the winter months. But you can think of it as 3-5 days a year.

Of course, the balloon tour is in the first place at the beginning of what will be done in Cappadocia. It is an incredible pleasure to explore the Cappadocia Region, which has a unique nature, by flying in a balloon. It will also always have a special place in your memories as an unforgettable experience. You need to book our balloon tours especially early. Because the days you want to join may be running out as you are late. For this reason, tour prices are increasing. It is useful not to leave your reservation for Cappadocia balloon tour on the last day. 6 years and older are charged for our balloon tours. our children under the age of 6 cannot participate in balloon tour flights.

Although balloon flights are excellent, the price issue is a little challenging. However, many companies have a balloon tour of Cappadocia. Some differences are observed in these tours. As an example, different types of flights are made in the number of baskets. there are different balloon baskets such as 16-seater, 20-seater, 24-seater, 28-seater, 38-seater. If you want to make a flight in balloon baskets for 16 people, there is a slight increase in prices. Apart from all these flights, you can rent a basket for 4 people. So it’s just you and our pilot. If you have such special days or you want to rent a complete basket, you should contact us.

About Cappadocia Balloon Tour
In addition to the standard balloon tours in Cappadocia, there are also options for the smallest 4 + 1, medium 14 + 1 people. Standard balloon tours 22 – 28 – 32 – 40 the rooms are made with balloon baskets. Especially since 2022 is very busy, our Cappadocia balloon tour flights are carried out in our baskets of 20 or 28. You can get information about which baskets you will fly according to your future period from us.

Small balloon tours are luxury flights and last an hour and a half. Naturally, their prices are also higher than others. a medium-sized flight for 15 people is more affordable than a small flight option. Cappadocia balloon tour is usually an oversized basket flight for 21 – 40 people and lasts 1 hour. Of course, this is the average. In some cases, it is 45 minutes, in some cases it is up to 90 minutes.

Most balloon tour companies conduct campaigns from time to time and organize a balloon tour of Cappadocia. You can catch opportunities by following these campaigns. However, one important thing you should know is that you should pay attention to the balloon tour price a few months later. Because balloon tours are sold in companies that are not in the Cappadocia region, they may not be very dominant in the subject and region. For this reason, it is useful to get a written document according to your reservation. Voucher or booking paper is important to you.

Balloon tours start early in the morning. It is during the morning when the wind speed is at its lowest. In addition, Cappadocia turns into a charming atmosphere at sunrise, which makes watching this unique landscape from a balloon an amazing experience.

Is It Safe to Ride a Balloon in Cappadocia?
This is the most frequently asked question… There have been very rare accidents and there is always a risk. But statistics show that this risk is very, very low. It has been confirmed by the authorities that it is the safest air vehicle. Pilots are people who have been professionally trained by Civil Aviation and are eligible for certification after passing various examinations. The material quality of the balloons is at the highest level. Inspections and controls are carried out at certain periods. Licensed flights are carried out. Wind limits have always been taken into account and are inspected by civil aviation almost every hour of every day. On some days, it is said that a balloon tour of Cappadocia will be held, and guests are taken from their hotels. However, these flights can be canceled at the last checkpoints after transportation to the region is provided

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