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Cappadocia Green Tour

Cappadocia green tour is another popular one in the region and is also known as Cappadocia South Tour. The Green tour is a bit longer than the Red tour and If you have two days to spare for the tours, the Green tour will be the best option for your second day.  On this tour, you will be able to see the most spectacular parts of Cappadocia and learn why it is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations.

Full-day Cappadocia green tour includes some of the region’s most significant attractions, including unusual rock formations, panoramic views, valley hiking, unique natural landscapes, and of course Kaymaklı Underground City which is one of the most popular ones in Cappadocia. Allow Cappadocia to greet you with all of its splendor, which includes an unrivaled combination of brown, red, and green! A horseback riding tour is another great adventure in Cappadocia’s valleys if you are interested. Here is a great drone ride through Red Valley and Rose Valley. 

Cappadocia green tour pick-up time is between 09:30 and 10:00, the tour finishes at about 17:00.

    • For a better experience please consider the following tips;

      Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly

    • Please note that the Cappadocia green tour involves hiking and it is not suitable for guests having walking difficulties.
    • The Underground city is a confined space, please inform your guide if you are claustrophobic?
    • Wear comfortable and slip-resistant shoes
    • Bring your sunglasses and hat (especially in summer)
    • Get some money for your expenses
    • Don’t forget to charge your portable devices

  • Where to visit?

    • Göreme Panorama; To begin Cappadocia green tour, we’ll go to Göreme Panorama to let your eyes rest for a while: this location serves as a balcony with a spectacular view of Goreme and Uçhisar Castle.
    • Kaymaklı Underground City; This marvel of ancient engineering is the biggest temporary settlement of many local civilizations. This unique settlement has more than 4000 years of history.
    • Pigeon Valley; is a place where you can see both Uçhisar Castle and The Valley from a great angle. Are you ready to listen to the quaint story of pigeon houses?
    • Lunch; Served in a traditional local restaurant
    • Onyx Demonstration; You will visit a workshop, where fascinating precious and semi-precious stones are processed, and you will hear the experts tell you about the stones.
    • Ortahisar Castle; The fortress, towering above the town of Ortahisar, is one of its biggest tourist attractions. You will be rewarded by the stunning views from the panorama of Ortahisar.
    • Red and Rose Valley Hiking; The Red Valley is one of the few places in the world where you can see all shades of red, orange, and green, as well as visit several historical churches and watch a spectacular sunset

What’s included?

  • Professional licensed tour guides
  • sevrices
  • Entrance fees to the museums
  • Lunch in a traditional local restaurant

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